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If you've ever basked in sunlight as it glitters gold across the sand or gazed at the endless prism of an evening sky, you have experienced the magical fusion of color and light. Even the simplest green leaf is a myriad of colors that you can feel.

That same magic comes to life with C2 Color; each one is meticulously handcrafted to contain its own shimmering spectrum. Created from a unique range of 16 European pigments, C2 paint colors are infused with a vibrancy and luminosity that artfully reflects Nature's transcendent beauty.

C2 Paint is committed to producing the highest quality paint available, with a complexity of color that is second to none.

When you purchase C2 paint you are not only buying the finest quality paint in the industry, you are supporting your local independent retailers, stimulating the local economy and doing business with people who are your friends and neighbors.Better choices, unmatched expertise and service, and lasting relationships...now that's a colorful future!

C2...beyond the ordinary