Color Consultations

Luxury is having the right color for right space the first time. Save time and money by using our professional decorating service. Gloria will come to your home and eliminate the uncertainty, and frustration of choosing the correct color for each space. Whether it is color selection or other design ideas, Gloria can provide a value that will enable you to go from mediocre to marvelous effortlessly with our professional help.

Call Gloria at 315 278-7329, e-mail for an appointment, or visit our store and bring in any inspirational piece, samples, or photos for the perfect color selection.

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C2 Vex Color Consultation
C2 Crystal/Jute

I never thought that meeting a color consultant would be my greatest "find" at a hardware store, but Gloria Cook at Ace Hardware in Baldwinsville is definitely that. Gloria has helped us figure out colors in nearly every room in our house: kitchen, dining room, foyer, bathroom, hallway and two bedrooms. I am TERRIBLE at picking colors myself. I generally spend tons of time on it, agonize forever, and almost always end up with something I don't really like. Gloria always has great choices to consider and really knows what works. She is friendly, on time and genuinely caring. I have trusted her on many colors, and I always end up loving them. Through my experience, I have come to realize that investing in her services up front, which comes at a very reasonable price, spares a lot of disappointment and expense in the long run. As for the C2 paint, which Ace Hardware carries, it has worked very, very well for us! In addition to the colors being rich and vibrant, I find the paint durable, easy to clean and easy to touch up. I would highly recommend it.

Jackie Wiegand

Gloria is amazing! She came to our home and spent 2 hours checking out 50 plus shades of gray in every possible light and came up with the exact shade for our home. She then assisted us in choosing a dramatic mojo red for our expansive kitchen. The result is very dramatic with the black granite, cherry cupboards , and cathedral ceilings. She suggested a sunbathing yellow for the entrance and lighter yellow ceiling. We now walk into our own private sunshine everyday and feel the glow of entering this happy house!

Unfortunately we chose the wrong painters to use these great colors and paint of the highest quality. Gloria went from the paint consultant to the paint therapist! She is helping us to find another painter to correct the mess that the "painters made". Gloria is very much worth every cent we paid her. I only wish we had listened to her when it came to selecting the painters!

Thank you Gloria!

Sharon Storrier

We were very pleased with the help Gloria provided for us. While we had picked the color for our great room, she came to our house with the large paint samples and confirmed our choice, but then suggested a better color than we had picked for the adjoining hallway. She was very helpful, full of good suggestions, but mindful of costs and our desires.

The C2 paint is excellent. Great coverage, virtually no splatter, and almost no odor.

We strongly recommend both Gloria's service and C2 paint.

Robert R.

To whom it may concern:

I was referred to Gloria Cook, Color Consultant for the Village Hardware Store, by a close friend who also used Ms. Cook's services. Choosing to call Gloria to help me with color choices was one of the best decisions I've made for my new home.

Gloria has excellent taste and is very knowledgeable in the field of interior design. When she came to my home, she took into account my existing decor, as well as my preferences. At the same time, she made suggestions which helped me to think differently. Each time she suggested a new color, I became more excited. I honestly felt that I could trust her, and that the outcome would be lovely. Since I am not talented in choosing colors, Gloria's services were greatly beneficial to me. I have researched the cost for color consultants, and I have found her price to be both fair and reasonable.

Gloria also put me in touch with an outstanding painter who painted every room in my house, including a two story foyer. I was ecstatic with the results. The C2 Paint we selected from Village Hardware was the best quality paint I've ever purchased. The colors were so vivid and vibrant once they were applied. Each time a room was completed, I was so excited to move on to the next.

Overall, I would say that I was totally satisfied with Gloria's services. Her professionalism and easy-going manner allowed me to relax and enjoy the transformation of my home. She followed up periodically to make sure that all was going well. I would totally recommend her to anyone seeking a color consultant. I am certain you would be happy with the results.

Theresa Kowalski

My wife and I decided to paint our living room and dining room and realized we were going to need help to actually get these rooms painted, after wasted hours of trying to find the correct colors.

We made an appointment with Gloria Cook, Color Consultant at Village Ace Hardware, to come to our home. Gloria came to our home with a professional's understanding of color and home decoration that helped us choose the colors and paints that were right for our home and the look we were trying to achieve. All this was done in less than two hours and the cost was minimal. After the C2 paint was applied, both rooms look fantastic. The quality of the C2 paint really does show, and the colors compliment the rest of our home in a way that I'm sure wouldn’t have happened without Gloria's guidance.

So the next time we need to do some painting, we're going to eliminate the wasted time, money and aggravation that these projects usually bring and have Gloria come to our home to give us professional advice.

Mike and Kathleen Ventura

"Our house didn't have a lot of color in it. Mostly because I didn't know how to pick out and match colors. I was afraid that once it was painted, it wouldn't look good. Gloria Cook came to my house and together we picked out some great colors. She showed me what colors would go together and what colors would make the room feel warmer. She suggested an accent wall in my family room which has gotten many compliments from family and friends. Everyone now comments on how the house feels so much warmer and cozier. Gloria also suggested a painter for us who was great to work with and who had high attention to detail. Our Painter really liked the paint (C2) from ACE as well. He said it went on nice and covered the walls well.

Overall, we had a great experience with Gloria Cook and the paint from Ace Hardware. We would definitely recommend using Gloria and the paint to anyone who is looking to add new color to their home."

Maggie and Charlie Colligan

My husband and I were struggling to choose a paint color for our entry hall and family room. It was no easy task considering the bolder colors that we already had in the adjacent rooms. We tried so many paint chips and color patches and nothing looked right. Enter Gloria! Her in-home color consult was phenomenal. She spent lots of time going through her vast array of possible colors and expertly guiding us through the selection process. She was able to pick up on what we liked and didn't like, narrowing things down to the perfect choice. And bonus points because my husband and I actually agreed on the final colors! Worth every penny of the consultation fee.

I did the painting myself and am so please with the results. I've worked with a lot of paint brands over the years, always the highly rated ones. But the C2 paint is the best of the best. Really easy to work with, great coverage and 100% true to the color chips.

I love that Gloria stopped by to see how it turned out. Great service, and I'll definitely consult with her again when I'm ready to tackle my next painting project.

Ellen Radloff