Ace Village Hardware Screen Repair

Screen Repair

We repair your broken screens in-house. Have one that's beyond repair? We can also make custom screens to replace your old ones. Bring them in to us and have them back in a jiffy.

Ace Village Hardware Window Repair

Window Repair

Cracked window? Wood, metal or plastic framed, we can repair that window here for you. Have a storm window missing? We can also make you a new one.

Ace Village Hardware Water Testing for Pools and Spa

Water Testing

Bring in a sample of your pool or spa water for a free analysis of it, then we'll tell you exactly what you need to do to make your pool or spa crystal clear and clean.

Ace Village Hardware Pipe Cutting and Threading

Pipe Cutting and Threading

Need a certain size to finish your project? We can cut and thread pipe to your specifications while you wait.

Ace Village Hardware Kerosene Heater Repair

Kerosene Heater Repair

Your heater not burning quite right? Bring it to us for a tune-up. We clean it, replace the wick and batteries, and then test burn your heater to make sure its burning right for you.

Ace Village Hardware Door Lock Rekeying

Door Lock Rekeying

Replacing one door lock on your house? Ask us to re-key the new lock to your existing keys. Schlage, Kwikset, and others.

Ace Village Hardware Door Lock and Car Key Cutting

Key Cutting

We offer expert key duplication, from house keys to car keys with chips in them, we can duplicate most keys.

Ace Village Hardware Chain Saw Sharpening

Chain Saw Sharpening

Bring us your dull chain saw chains, and we'll have them as sharp as new. If it's beyond sharpening, we carry an extensive line of replacement chains.

Ace Village Hardware Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

We offer free household fluorescent bulb and rechargeable battery recycling, just bring in your used fluorescent bulbs (4' and under please) and rechargeable batteries and we'll take care of them for you, no need to wait for hazardous waste day.

Ace Village Hardware Glass and Plexiglass Cutting

Glass and Plexiglass Cutting

Need a non-standard size of glass or plexiglass? Bring us the measurements and we'll cut it to size for you while you wait.